Panasonic brings Disney+ to TVs starting in 2017 – Picture and Sound – News

Well, there is a lot of negativity and mood in this comment.
“No Panasonic After several years distance”…

There is a full Disney + service Not even two years

I also bought a Panasonic OLED.. about 2 years ago. At the time, Disney+ didn’t exist yet.

I chose Panasonic because of the very high image quality and the very extensive menu functionality to fine-tune or calibrate the image to my liking. This is the certainty that Panasonic offers and that I chose for it.
Of course I knew that Panasonic was not known for its comprehensive smart ecosystem and extensive app support. I don’t care either. In fact: I don’t want an Android TV where you have to sign in with a Google account in order to use the TV or install apps, or where the smart provider suddenly decides to put ads in the TV menu.
I want a TV with high picture quality, as many tuning options in terms of picture, and a smart platform that is as lightweight as possible. This is exactly what Panasonic offers. The fact that Disney (plus support for Netflix, NLziet and YouTube which works fine) has now been added is also a bonus! I see it as a free feature on TV!

Not necessarily required of course, because you can easily add all the smart functions with the external boxes if you like, or if you want to right away… But the picture quality and picture settings are a feature of the TV that you can’t upgrade anymore.

Your TV now has more functionality in the Smart Zone than when you bought the TV… How much security do you want?
I’d rather be sure that my TV will still work at all in 10 years (ie the TV itself, regardless of the smart platform), but unfortunately no manufacturer can give me that certainty…

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