Google is experimenting: Spotify may be the first to offer its own payment option

Google is experimenting: Spotify may be the first to offer its own payment option

It will soon be possible to pay in the Android version of the Spotify app via Spotify’s payment option or via the Google Play Store. This is an experiment carried out by the tech giant and started with the world’s most popular audio platform Spotify.

You will now be sent to the voice platform website to proceed with the payment process; Obviously, the payment process can be completed soon within the app itself. It is not yet clear exactly how that will happen.

The agreements come at a time when there is a lot of political pressure to loosen the rules in download stores in order to create a fairer playing field.

The test will take place in a “select number of countries” and depends on what Google (and Apple) is already required to do in South Korea under new law. The ability to offer an alternative in addition to exiting the Play Store will become available to “a small number of participating developers”.

“The first logical partner”

So Spotify is the first party to work with. google speaks It’s a “first logical partner” because it has one of the most important subscription services and is available worldwide for a range of devices. Google goes on to say that the experience will help the company “better understand whether and how well payment options work for users in different countries and for developers.”

It is also not yet known what the agreement means for the subscription price, if users can transact via multiple payment methods. Finally, which countries and developers will also share a question mark. A Google spokesperson was unable to provide an answer today. Spotify will make the payment option available in all the markets in which it operates.

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in the current situation Spotify says it is on a “year-long journey” to ensure developers “have the freedom to innovate and compete on a level playing field.” This seems to be a subtle reference to the battle Managed by the company since 2019 Against Apple’s rules in the App Store. An investigation by the European Commission into this, after a complaint from the audio platform, It is now in an advanced stage

New legislation on the way

Therefore, it is remarkable that the announcement of the experiment comes on the eve of an expected deal between the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU member states. About the Digital Markets Law† This is far-reaching legislation aimed at limiting the market power of tech giants and includes stricter app store rules. The final legislative text may come today.

In addition, there is an issue between Apple and the Dutch regulator ACM on the same subject. The regulator is asking Apple to allow dating apps to offer alternative payment methods. The tech giant wants this, but it sets the conditions. The two sides have been in a stalemate over this for weeks: In the eyes of ACM Apple does not meet the requirements.

If they cannot find out before the end of this week, Apple will again receive a penalty order of 5 million euros. This means that the maximum amount of 50 million euros has been reached and the case is entering a new phase.

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