Prince Harry’s lawyer rebukes the judge: ‘Absolutely unacceptable’ | the Royal family

Prince Harry's lawyer rebukes the judge: 'Absolutely unacceptable' |  the Royal family

On Thursday, it was announced that some of the documents addressed in the lawsuit had not been published. A London High Court judge agreed upon the request of the parties. However, the prince’s legal team has broken the ban on this ruling by passing a copy of it to someone who is not a lawyer. The judge described the leaking of that information as “totally unacceptable.” Martyr Fatima, a lawyer representing Prince Harry, took responsibility for the leak and said she should have thought carefully before sending the emails.

The leak wasn’t the only thing the judge was critical of. Harry’s legal team also received comments that he had provided “irrelevant evidence” in the case.


Prince Harry’s case against the UK Home Office is related to his security. No longer carrying out active duties to the royal family, Harry, who lives in America, no longer has security when he comes to the UK on a private visit. Now he wants to pay for it himself, but his security also requires information from the intelligence services. But the ministry does not want to share it with other security agencies.

So Harry decided to take legal action. The prince says it is not safe to return to the UK without special security measures.

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