Russian discount Mere wants to go to America

Controversial Russian discount chain Just Exploring expansion opportunities in the United States. A project manager should open stores in Georgia and Alabama. Cheaper than Aldi and Little Mere wants to extend the Russian discount to the United States. This is clear from the vacancy announced by the trade magazine Winside Grocery Business. The chain, which […]

Here they are again: the Persians. The rain of falling stars reaches its climax these nights. These are the best times to get to know them (Update 9/8)

In mid-August every year, we prepare to receive the Perseids meteor showers. Wednesday evening and Thursday night meteor showers reach their peak, between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM we can see about 50 to 70 bright stars per hour. The conditions are favorable, because there is rarely moonlight. Don’t want to get out of bed […]

Red Sox transfer Garrett Richards to Bullpen

The Red Sox move the right hand Garrett Richards Director Alex Cora told reporters (Including Christopher Smith from MassLive). Its rotation place will be filled chris sel, Which is is expected To make his first appearance in two years on Saturday against the Orioles. Sox signed Richards on a one-year, $10 million guarantee while on […]

German nurse ‘sabotaged’ vaccinations: Nearly 9,000 people are forced to get the corona vaccine again outside the country

An employee at a vaccination center in northern Germany may have given more people not an injection of corona but a cooking saline than the six cases she admitted in April. As a result, thousands of residents of the Friesland region may not be adequately protected against the Corna virus, the authorities in Jeffer announced […]

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