After the Australian Open draw has been delayed, Novak Djokovic is set to open his title defense against fellow Serbian Miomir Kikmanovic.

Melbourne Australia — Novak Djokovic He now knows that he will face his Serbian colleague Miomir Kikmanovic In the first round of his Australian Open title defense, if allowed to play. Djokovic’s visa status dominated attention until Thursday’s draw for the men’s and women’s singles draw arcs for the first major tennis tournament of 2022. […]

British rivers are the dirtiest in Europe due to the ‘chemical mixture’ of sewage and waste | abroad

The parliamentary commission that investigated the quality of the rivers mainly blames water companies, farmers, regulators and the government. Water companies regularly pump raw sewage into rivers and farms, polluting waterways with chemicals. Moreover, due to privatization, water companies prefer paying dividends to their shareholders over investing in water quality, according to the commission. In […]

Groningen County Council wants the Council of Ministers to stop the extraction of additional gas

There was also an emergency debate on the gas issue in Groningen City Council. Like county council members, municipal council members have argued that gas extraction should be halted by law. The council also wants Groningen’s municipal council to object to the government’s “unacceptable” gas plans. Groningen Mayor Schuling made an important reference to The […]

Chantal Janzin criticizes misunderstandings about the world of television: ‘I’m glad to have people around me’

According to Chantal, there is indeed a close relationship between colleagues in the world of television. Without these people around her, it would be nearly impossible for a broadcaster to do the job. “We know each other, support each other, get angry, talk about it and have fun. I have been working with many colleagues […]

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