Boris Johnson celebration photos during lockdown: ‘Published for the benefit of the British public’ | abroad

Boris Johnson celebration photos during lockdown: 'Published for the benefit of the British public' |  abroad

The images, widely used by the British media, show the Prime Minister toasting with his colleagues and making a toast next to a table filled with wine bottles and glasses.

ITV News said in a statement that the program had released the footage “for the public’s interest.” According to the programme, the images cast doubt on Johnson’s earlier interpretation of “Party Gate”. The Prime Minister earlier told the British Parliament that he was not aware that corona measures were not always adhered to during meetings.


According to a 10 Downing Street spokesperson, one fine was paid as a result of the party on November 13, 2020, according to the BBC. That was not the fine for Prime Minister Johnson.

Police in London have issued a total of 126 fines to British government employees as a result of government parties and drinks at times when coronavirus crackdowns have been put in place for the average Briton. The fines relate to a total of eight meetings between May 2020 and April 2021. Johnson was only fined for a birthday party in 2020.

Pictures come at a delicate time. Johnson previously asked senior civil servant Sue Gray to investigate the “Party Gate”. Government sources say the full report may be published this week. A spokesman for Johnson told the BBC: “After that, the prime minister will deliver a lengthy address to Parliament.”

Johnson not to celebrate

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was not “celebrating” in the photos released by the news programme. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News on Tuesday. According to him, the head of government did not attend the event until November 2020, when there was a closure due to Corona, in order to “raise a cup” to a departing employee.

The question is, was he partying there? No, obviously not – he stopped to thank him and raise a glass to a colleague who was about to leave.” He asserted that the police had devoted a lot of time and effort investigating parties who were detained by government employees during the lockdown and came to conclusions. “We know he was not fined for this event “.

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