US senator wants to experience ‘Bitcoin Oasis’ in Texas Crypto Insiders

Senator VS wil 'Bitcoin oase' in Texas realiseren

The US state of Texas needs an oasis Bitcoin (BTC) And become crypto. During his keynote address, Senator Ted Cruz said: Speech To the Think Tank of the Heritage Foundation on May 23rd. Texas has already made great strides in embracing the crypto industry.

“I believe in bitcoin”

Republican Cruz Bitcoin has nothing but good words. So he wants his state to become “the oasis of the earth for bitcoin and crypto”. He mainly mentions the mining sector considering the recent developments in the state.

So become Bitcoin miningDevices used to prevent natural gas burning. Texas is a major oil and gas industry and BTC mine Offers a solution here† Generally, the gas released by oil drilling is burned because it is more expensive to transport. By mining bitcoins with this gas, the whole process becomes more profitable.

But the bitcoin miners in Texas are not the only ones after the oil fields. Green energy is also an important part of the story. In April, Blackstream and Black announced their intention to set up a mining installation Powered by 100% solar power.

‘They can’t control bitcoin, so they’re scared’

Cruise also addressed cryptocurrencies, including Senator Elizabeth Warren. He is often negative about crypto and last year called it another Risk to the financial system. As for Cruz, it is clear why they are so scared, so nothing can be said about it:

“They do not want anything out of their control. This is the same reason why most Democrats do not like Bitcoin. Why does Bitcoin toss Elizabeth Warren back at night and tremble? Because she wants her sticky little socialist fingers to control every penny in our bank accounts.

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