! @#$% On Delaying Starfield 2023 & Jim Ryan Head Of PlayStation Crazy

!  @#$% On Delaying Starfield 2023 & Jim Ryan Head Of PlayStation Crazy

Tuesday morning starts off well with a new episode of Peepshow. The first of this week, because there will be a special Peepshow later. As always, you can enjoy loads of business news that has piqued Boris & JJ’s interest over the past week. For example, Starfield’s release date has been pushed back and they had a fairly heated discussion at Playstation about animals and abortion. Start the morning right, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the new episode of Peepshow with Boris & JJ.

Bethesda postponed Starfield until 2023

Starfield, a game from Bethesda that everyone here at Gamekings was really looking forward to, was delayed until 2023 last week. The game was scheduled to launch in November of this year. Bethesda has Via Twitter Let them know that not only has Starfield been delayed, but Redfall has also been delayed. The live stream of the Xbox & Bethesda game show on June 12 will definitely show us more Starfield and Redfall. But what is the reason for the delay and is the Xbox problem with it.

Workplace problems on Netflix & Playstation

Gentlemen also talk about problems in the workplace. Something we’ve seen a lot lately. For example, Netflix and Playstation are currently experiencing this. Netflix gets new movies and series every week that you need to work on, some of which can be considered “harmful”. So they sent their employees a message: “If you don’t like our content, you can leave.” Is this the correct approach? Or could it be done differently? In any case, you should not name the cats. Because that’s what Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, did. He wrote an email with several paragraphs about cats and a miscarriage. Why are the employees angry? You’ll hear it on the new episode of Peepshow with Boris & JJ. So take a quick look!

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