Ozkan Akyol shot Marc Marie Hoygbrigets: “He can’t do anything!”

Ozkan Akyol shot Marc Marie Hoygbrigets: "He can't do anything!"

When the guys at the table were talking about people who are often guests on talk shows, it soon turned to Mark Marie, who lover Visible. Johan Dirksen called him “a nice boy who can’t do anything”, but that wasn’t an option with Ozkan.

“He’s not a nice guy,” Özcan said at once. “The first time I met him, I did an interview with AD in the run-up to Boikenbal, and then I said, ‘There are also all kinds of characters that I think have never written a book, but then I say, ‘For example Mark Marie Hojbrigets’.” .

Ozkan explains that this went wrong again with Mark Marie. As a result, the first meeting between the two at De Wereld Draait Door wasn’t entirely pleasant. He came up to me very angry and said, ‘I’ve already written a book! “

Johan later added that he believed Marc Marie had won the “worst New Year’s Eve conference award ever”. “I’ve never seen anything of him that makes me think, Oh, he could do something.”

Ozkan thinks Beau van Erven Dorens can’t ask anyone else for his talk show. “I don’t think so. Otherwise, you wouldn’t ask him every day, would you?”

Mark Marie had previously spoken negatively of Today Inside, after the famous “candle riot”.

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