Ohio is down RBs, O-lineman but relatively healthy for Pennsylvania

Ohio is down RBs, O-lineman but relatively healthy for Pennsylvania

Ohio State 5 gets a chance to compete in a seeded competition Saturday night for the first time since Week Two. The Buckeyes lost that game at home to Oregon, but No. 20 Penn State is coming to Ohio Stadium this weekend, giving Scarlet and Gray a chance to earn a seeded win.

If Ohio State were to win that, the Buckeyes would do without 15 players. The Scarlet and Gray status report was released on Saturday afternoon, and there are no Scarlet and Gray players available against the Nittany Lions. Ohio State does not specify why a player enters a game, only whether it is unavailable or a game time decision.

Four year olds running backwards Mr. Tej He wouldn’t fit into the Buckeyes team against Penn State. Teague also missed last week’s game against Indiana, but the head coach Ryan Day This week he hoped to return on Saturday. This is not the case. In addition, a third-year freshman is regressing Marcus Crowley He is also out. Day confirmed this week that Crowley will be “out for a long time” due to an injury sustained during his rest week.

offensive line Harry Miller He is also out. Miller missed the first several weeks of the season but reappeared as a backup in a number of places but is unavailable again.

Ohio state report below:

not available

Game time decision

What does this mean for Ohio

While Buckeye fans would love to be completely healthy when entering a ranked match, this status report only adds one player from last week’s pool. This is Henry Young, who has played in only two games this year, against Tulsa and Akron.

Missing Teague is unfortunate, but Scarlett and Gray did a good job replacing their backs this year. With Tig out last week against the Hoosiers, freshman Trivon Henderson He rushed for 81 yards and two touchdowns and demanded a new red shirt Mian Williams | He had 60 yards and a point, so you should run Ohio State in the dash section.

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Otherwise, the Buckeyes are fairly healthy as they have been all season and are ready to take on the Nittany Lions.

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