February 1, 2023

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Ocarina of Time and 3 other games including World Video Game Hall of Fame – Gaming – Geeks

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Dance Dance Revolution, A.; Pac-Man and Sid Meier’s Civilization have been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame at the National Strong Museum of Play, United States.

Games have been added due to their influence on popular culture, the video game industry and society. Anyone can submit a nomination to the American Museum and the final selection will be made based on advice from journalists, scientists, and “other individuals familiar with the history and role of video games in society”.

About Ocarina of Time Says Museum that in 1998 “the game defined what a 3D action game could be, influencing countless games that came afterward.” Andrew Borman, one of the curators said: “Even today, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is considered by developers worldwide as an influence on the way they make games. The game’s vast 3D world, seamless combat, complex puzzles and time-traveling story infused into The players have a sense of amazement that they will never forget.”

Ocarina of Time, via zelda.com

Sid Meier’s Civilization has been called “one of the most influential simulation and strategy games of all time” and the franchise’s popularity “refutes the popular notion that demolishing is always more fun than building.” This addictive simulation and strategy game was released in 1991 and since then all players have spent over a billion hours in the franchise.

Multiple sclerosis. Pac-Man, dating back to 1981, has “more complex mazes, smarter opponents, and new challenges” than its predecessor. The game’s popularity, combined with the introduction of the protagonist, has led to “a new era in cultural dialogue about the place of women in the arcade and in society at large.”

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Finally, Dance Dance Revolution “challenged players to use their sense of balance and agility to take steps to the beat of popular music.” The game has appeared in more than 100 different versions since its launch in 1998 and paved the way for later games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Strong calls it “a true revolution in the music game genre.”

Images via civilization.com, pacman.fandom.com, and konami.com

The Strong has run the World Video Game Hall of Fame since 2015, and the museum has been around since 1969. A minimum of four and a maximum of six games are added to the hall each year. civilization was “Wait for the finalists” 2016, Dance Dance Revolution and Ms. Pac-Man was from 2018 and the Ukranina of Time was the new finalist.

Other titles in the Hall of Fame include StarCraft, Minecraft, King’s Quest, Bejeweled, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII, and more. In total there 36 matches Added to the list selected from a Too long list of candidates† Games in the Hall will have a permanent place in the Museum Gallery located in New York State.