Google pulls plug on game streaming service Stadia, buyers get money back

Google pulls plug on game streaming service Stadia, buyers get money back

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Google is shutting down Stadia, its game streaming service. The service, which launched in 2019, is attracting fewer players than expected, so Google made the “hard decision” to pull the plug, as director Phil Harrison wrote. Blog. As of January 18, Stadia will be black. Hardware and software buyers get their money back.

“While Stadia’s approach to consumer game streaming was built on a solid technology foundation, users found it less attractive than we expected,” Harrison wrote.

Stadia staff will be transferred to other locations within Google. The CEO also sees opportunities to use the technology behind Stadia in other places, such as YouTube, Google Play and augmented realityprojects.

Money back, games from sale

Google expects to have all Stadia users back by mid-January. They don’t have to return Stadia devices like consoles. Stadio Pro subscription service users will not get their subscription money back, but they will not have to pay until the streaming service is offline. Games can no longer be purchased immediately.

Rumors that the company would kill Stadia had been circulating for some time. Last year, it was noticed that few games were released for the service and game developers stopped using them. However, Google has always insisted that Stadia will stay up to date.

when stadia in 2019 Introduced to the world, there have been no big hits in the game streaming market and a lot of Google services have been is expected. Now there are many peers and successful gamers who can, for example, use the Xbox from Microsoft and the PlayStation from Sony from an extensive library of games that can be played via the cloud.

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