Enhanced Chest Points: Cubs 2, Phillies 0

Enhanced Chest Points: Cubs 2, Phillies 0

This sweep! Sweep the season, indeed! And according to Marquee, this is the first time in history that the two teams have played each other, with one sweeping the season’s streak against the other.

Keegan Thompson, you see, shuts things down again with three point-free rounds of rest. NAILS has just been in that role this year, and it would be very hard not to want him to do something similar next year.

In terms of what his leadership and rhetoric looks like, that’s been fine as we’ve seen Javier Leo this year (right there with the start against the Mets). He controlled all of his pitches well, he swung and misses, and he generally hits kicks. The Phillies seem to be a dizzying mess when eating, so that helped me, but I thought the Leo looked a lot today as part of a “deep depth of quality”, which is exactly what the Cubs need to be in 2023.

Ian Hap had a great day, driving the Cubs round two, and also showing off a legitimate defense – Gold-Glove in left field.

Seiya Suzuki had a triple hustle (the ball was in the sun) before Happ drove him for that second round, and it’s good to see him again in the lineup. Suzuki also scored the first half of the match on Patrick Wisdom’s double, after Suzuki had scored in the first half.

Fund total points.

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