“Obsidian and Microsoft in early talks about Fallout: New Vegas 2” – Games – News

This is true for all games on the CreationKit engine, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Scrolls of Wonder games; skyrim in particular.

I hope Microsoft will get them behind their backs to adopt a new engine, because it seems that solving problems with the current engine is almost impossible.

All of these games contain infinite “isn’t” elements. From minor glitches to game bugs or things with no potential, seemingly unthinkable broken game mechanics, useless items, and bugs spotted (and “corrected” to go back to a previous game) by community admins ) but they can still be found in the latest games, cows on the roof, you name it. They can still be great games and you’ll always have people responding with “but I had nothing to worry about”.

fo4’s leveling system is a clear case of “good idea, poorly implemented”. It might be really cool to make and dress up your own village and do your best to make sure the settlers have a good life…but…it doesn’t really matter. You can also pitch a rickety tent, which they think is good too. Whether you have millions of defenses or not, if your settlement gets attacked when you’re not there, the chance of winning is always 50%. Due to the LOD system, some distant objects are not yet loaded, but enemy positions are there, so they are casually walking through your walls. And I could go on talking for hours about what’s wrong with this game engine, or at least, what’s wrong with implementing these ideas.

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