NS train drivers want to cross Maarhiza after disturbing asylum seekers

Sinds begin dit jaar staat er beveiliging op het station in Maarheeze (foto: Omroep Brabant).

NS staff are more than tired of the hassle at Maarheeze station. Despite the tight security, they still have to deal with inconvenience from asylum seekers from nearby Azek in Boudl almost every day. According to Wim Eilert, Director of the VVMC Railway Association, the bucket is overflowing. He has asked NS via email to take new actions. “Passing the station is also a procedure.”

According to trade union leader Wim Eilert, Maarheeze is on a line known as the “line of aggression”. “Train crew deal with nuisances on the train by asylum seekers from safe countries long ago. The story goes they go around with razors. This is the last straw for us. Police say they use them to injure themselves. But recently, two groups of asylum seekers attacked Each other on the train in Eddie. We don’t want that here.”

According to Eilert, security guards at the station in Marheise received death threats. “One stop. There are many complaints about it. I told Dutch Railways they have to take action. Staff prefer to drive by the station.”

Good advice
Union director Wim Eilert spoke to Eindhoven NS staff on Monday evening about the inconvenience at Maarheeze station. “I’ve noticed they’re completely done with the inconvenience. They want the NS to take action quickly. I’ve sent an email to the NS wanting to know what action they’ll take in the short term. I haven’t heard anything yet. Driving through the station just doesn’t do that. This is in consultation With the mayor. I’ll look into it on Wednesday.”

“a thorn in the eye”
A spokesperson for Marheise station said the situation at Marheise station was also a “thorn in the side” of Dutch railways. “It’s a situation that nobody wants.” There have been entry audits at the station since the beginning of the year. Security guards monitor the situation at and inside the station.

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