Weird Rumor About Dries Roelvink: “Disgusting”

Bizar gerucht over plassende Dries

Yvonne Coldwehr has set her sights on Dries Roelvinck. According to the Juice Queen, Dries could have been doing a little errand in an exotic location…

Targeted at Yvonne Coldweger and Dries Roelvink. Not because the singer cheats, but because of his antics. A spy for Yvonne had caught Dries in a janitor’s room where he had to perform.


“I’m pretty sure Driss urinated in our concierge room,” the spy, who says he works for the organization, says against Yvonne. “I know it could have been a drunk student, but he was behind the scenes and the students couldn’t get in there at all.”

rammed dry

The spy went to fetch Driss at the artist’s exit, but was unable to find him. ,, I saw the caretaker’s room door half open so I opened the door and there was Drees! He looked at me in shock. Later we found urine in there.” A few minutes later, the spy was going to catch Dries again, but outside. “So I really think it was Dries.”

no reaction

Whether or not the rumors are true, they clearly don’t bother Dries. The singer has not yet responded to the story.

Always in action

By the way, Yvonne already announced last week that she is very upset with the singer. Dries takes his Instagram followers with him on every trip he takes. And Driss wouldn’t dry out if he didn’t photograph himself before boarding the plane.

And whether it’s forty degrees in Spain or not, Driss always wears a suit on his trip. “Stop it,” an annoyed Yvonne said on her juice channel about the pictures of Dries. ,,Stop!”

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