NPO Radio director on 3FM’s 1.6 percent market share: ‘We have work to do’

NPO Radio director on 3FM's 1.6 percent market share: 'We have work to do'

NPO 3FM achieved a market share of 1.6 percent last week. This figure is a far cry from almost ten years ago, when 3FM was still the most listened to radio station in the Netherlands and had a market share of more than 12 percent. in Telegraph Critics wonder how long 3FM will last. “There is work to be done,” says NPO Radio Director Yuri Bosman.

3FM’s listening personalities have been struggling for years. Programming, music policy, and station direction were reformed several times during that period. It did not lead to better listening personalities. Juri Bosman admits in the newspaper that the channel has greater ambitions. But he says: “We shouldn’t get our heads too hung up on that market share. 3FM’s main mission is to give a place to new talent. Whether through launching new artists or training new radio DJs.

The newspaper also points out the reveal of the radio DJs who will be performing at the Glass House this year. According to the reporter, “there were only a few photographers and a few copywriters” at the ad earlier this week. “While the media interest was enormous.”

7.8 million euros

3FM’s budget is €7.8 million in 2024, almost sixty thousand euros more than this year. Market leader NPO Radio 2 will have to make do with half a million euros less in taxpayers’ money next year.

Patrick Kekin narrates Telegraph He is saddened to see how long 3FM has to find its way to the top. “This is not going to work anymore. The public broadcaster must dare to make big decisions. Convert the station to a digital platform and hand the frequency over to Radio 5, which focuses on older listeners who still listen to radio.”

NPO director Bosman says in the newspaper that 3FM will still be around in five years. “By then, it should still be around 3FM, as one of the most prominent brands in Dutch radio. Of which everyone has their own memory.”

Photography: Michelle Schnatter Nonprofit

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