Unexpected development: The Terminator movie is getting a sequel on Netflix

Unexpected development: The Terminator movie is getting a sequel on Netflix

Netflix announced during Netflix Geeked Week that there will be an anime based on the popular series finisherCommercial franchise. So there is no movie in the cinema this time. However, the first real images will have to wait some time.

Terminator: Anime Series It is produced by Japanese animation studio Production I.G., which you may know it from Ghost in the Shell. They are working with American production company Skydance.

Terminator: Anime Series
The animated series will introduce completely new characters to the world finisher To display. The events of the series appear to take place between 1997 and 2022. In the last year, a war has been raging for decades between the human survivors and an endless army of machines.

In 1997, the AI ​​Skynet gained self-awareness and began its war with humanity. A female soldier is sent in time to save people.

Malcolm Lee
Scientist Malcolm Lee is considered a potential asset. It runs on artificial intelligence designed to compete with Skynet. But he’s not safe either, as a killer from the future is stalking him and his three children.


when Terminator: Anime Series It must appear not yet known. Names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will almost certainly not be heard. After the failure of Terminator: Dark Fate in 2019, it seems they are done with the franchise.

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