Notable PFF scores from the Bengals’ pre-season win against Bucs

Notable PFF scores from the Bengals' pre-season win against Bucs

the Cincinnati Bengals They started their pre-season roster with a solid performance against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The result of the chest does not look very beautiful, but many players were distinguished by their individual performance.

For a more in-depth look at those performances, here are some of the scores of Pro Football Focus that stood out from the game:

  • D’Ante Smith He led the Bengals’ offensive line with a blocking score of 84.8. Smith had 16 very clean shots in passing protection, 11 of which came as a left-hander for the second team, and five in the third team’s tackle. Michael Jordan He was just 80 degrees behind Smith. Jordan was only on the field for eight passes, but nonetheless, he produced a powerful outing for quarterback Brandon Allen.
  • in preventing operation, Isaiah Prince They produced a score of 71.3 in 33 running shots. Prince replaced Jonah Williams in the left tackle with the o-line for the second team and was remarkably strong in blocking the area.
  • Was running behind Prince for most of the game Jack Patrick, which produced 71.3 degrees of impulse. Patrick finished the game with 71 yards on just 15 coaches. 58 of 71 yards came after contact.
  • The general-grade crime leader was none other than Trenton Irwin, who came with 79.7. Irwin remarkably had a tough catch over the middle before pirate cornerback Cameron Kenley rattled her. He finished the competition with three receptions for 35 yards on five goals.
  • in defense, Joseph Usai And Darius Hodge Both finished with 89.6 defense score, and both were at the back DJ player90.2 from just four shots. The rising duo on the edge broke chaos for most of the game and captured most of Cincinnati’s production of fast passes. The way Usai was playing, he might have outgrown Ryder had he not been hurt.
  • Galen Davis He came to play as a spare corner slot for the team. He had a coverage score of 79.3 thanks in part to his breakup passes that led to two defense interceptions. Joe Bache He did some passes in the pass defense as well, finishing with a 76th cover and a breakup pass on his own.
  • One of those objections fell into the hands of Tryvon Henderson, but the best backup safety job came as a striker. He led the defense with an interference score of 82.4. Henderson’s four interventions were linked with the team’s leadership to go along with his objection.

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