North Korea expels US soldier, US takes him into custody | Abroad

North Korea expels US soldier, US takes him into custody |  Abroad

North Korea has extradited US player Travis King to China after crossing the border illegally from South Korea for more than two months. He is now in US custody. North Korean state media announced his expulsion on Wednesday.

Washington thanked China and Sweden for their help in King’s extradition. Sweden has reportedly contacted Pyongyang about King. China captures king exiled from North Korea As far as the US is concerned, North Korea has made no concessions. The King is said to be well.

King defected to North Korea on July 18 during a tour of a Korean border village. The country confirmed the soldier was in the country a few weeks later. According to the North Korean state news agency KCNA, King went to North Korea out of dissatisfaction with “inhumane treatment and racism within the US military.” He is also said to be ‘disillusioned with inequality in America’.

King joined the military in January 2021 and has been stationed in South Korea since last year. He got into trouble many times there. After serving a two-month prison sentence for assault, he had to return to the US for disciplinary action and was escorted to the airport. But King left the airport and crossed the border into North Korea to join a tour he had booked.

In The New York Times A US government official said the US had made no concessions to free North Korea. It is not known if King will still face punishment in the United States.

North Korea has a long history of detaining Americans. The United States therefore strongly advises its citizens not to travel to the country. American student Otto Warmbier was imprisoned in North Korea for a year and released in 2017. He was in a coma and died within a week of his return to America.

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