If Haas is right it will be a new result for the United States GP

Haas dient verzoek in om resultaten GP Verenigde Staten te herzien vanwege track limits

The result of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the United States could change significantly. Haas has officially submitted a request to the FIA ​​to reconsider. Guenther Steiner’s team believes four drivers should receive extra time penalties for breaking track limits. If Haas is right, that will be good news for Nico Hulkenberg.

Just two weeks ago the premier class of motorsport raced in Austin, Texas. Teams have fourteen days to protest the Grand Prix results. Haas decided to present it last Saturday in Sao Paulo. So they arrived on time on the thirteenth day. The American racing team then saw internal footage of the four drivers who crossed the sixth white line at the Circuit of the Americas: Lance Stroll, Alexander Alban, Logan Sargent and Sergio Perez. With Hulkenberg classified eleventh, the change in result could be crucial for Haas. They are battling for seventh place in the Constructors’ Championship with Williams, Alfa Romeo and Alfadauri.

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Hülkenberg from P11 to P7

A hearing will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 8 to determine if Haas has enough new and relevant information to reconsider the results. The FIA ​​has also invited Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing and Williams. Haas says Alphonse should receive five more time penalties of 5 seconds each in addition to the extra 5 seconds he already received, which is known. Auto, Motor and Sports To report from a report drawn up by Haas. Sergeant 15 to be fined a second time. Perez and Stroll are said to have suffered the biggest blow as they received 5 seconds each for eighteen and sixteen time penalties. If the FIA ​​agrees with Haas, Hulkenberg could move up to P7. Stroll would go scoreless and then Perez would drop from P4 to P10. Sargent, despite the overtime penalties, would earn one more spot.

Position Old rash Possible new rash
According to the Haas report
1 Verstappen – 56 laps Verstappen – 56 laps
2 Norris – +10,730 Norris – +10,730
3 Sines – +15.134 Sines – +15.134
4 Perez – +18.460 Russell – +24.999
5 Russell – +24.999 Casely – +47.996
6 Casely – +47.996 Tsunoda – +1:14.385
7 Stroll – +48.696 Hulkenberg – +1:29.904
8 Tsunoda – +1:14.385 Bottas – +1:38.601
9 Albon – +1:26.714 Sergeant – +1:42,998
10 Sergeant – +1:27,998 Perez – +1:48.460

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