No Man’s Sky Echoes update adds new racing and improved space combat Gaming News

Hello Games has released the big Echoes update for No Man’s Sky. Update 4.4 introduces a new race for the first time since the game was released in 2016. The alien combat system has also been deepened and a new storyline has been added to the game.

the echo update It deepens the existing space combat system in several ways. For example, players can now send extra power to their engine, weapons, or shield generator for more control over their spaceship. Cargo ships received individually destructible units with the update, so that the player can eliminate such a ship more systematically. going further ccapitalShips will be completely destroyed from now on, which players can use to earn additional resources. Dreadnoughts from the new outlaw faction include A.J trench run-The mechanic is believed to be inspired by scenes of the same name from several Star Wars films.

Furthermore, the update introduces the Autophage race, which is a robotic lifeform that can be considered a faction. Autophages have their own language that the player can learn. Players can get many new cosmetic items and technologies from the race, including upgrades for the revamped Exosuit. Finally, Hello Games adds the ability to recycle multitools. Until now, players have not been able to get rid of this tool.

The update is now available for all versions of No Man’s Sky. The game is available for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and S, Nintendo Switch, and on PC via Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and more.

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