Square Enix postpones fantasy game Forspoken to autumn – Gaming – News

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have decided to postpone Forspoken to October 11. The free-to-play fantasy game initially launched at the end of May on PlayStation 5 and for PC via Steam.

The studio responsible for the new IP needs more time to finish Forspoken, but gives it Twitter statement There is no other fundamental reason for the delay. “Our vision is to release an exciting new IP (…) so it’s very important to us that the end result is good. That’s why we’re focused on improving the game in the coming months.”

In Forspoken, players control Frey, an African American woman from New York who enters the fictional world of Athena through a portal. There the seemingly ordinary New Yorker has magical powers. The game combines free enemy, magical combat and adventure story Tweakers in 2021 in preview

Forspoken is the second game from Japanese Luminous Productions, a subsidiary of publisher Square Enix. The studio was set up as an offshoot of Square Enix developers to create Final Fantasy XV. Forspoken runs on the Luminous Engine, an engine originally developed for FFXV.

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