Nina Warnick drugged during New Year’s Eve: ‘I couldn’t breathe’

Nina Warnick drugged during New Year's Eve: 'I couldn't breathe'

Nina tells that she did not dive on New Year’s Eve in Aruba. “I had no problems with a hangover, but all of a sudden I started to feel really tight (pressure on my chest), so I quickly walked to the apartment,” her story began.

Once in the apartment things went wrong. “I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore. In every panic I called reception and they found me on the floor completely stiff with my pupils dilated and then called an ambulance,” says Nina.

In the hospital, the influencer had to do various exercises in hopes of relaxing her body, but in the end, according to her own words, “horse therapy” had to be used to make sure she was feeling better again.

Nina thinks she knows what happened. I get all the well-intentioned advice, but everything points to (…) in my drink. Whoever was responsible for this, please send me a message, because then I will bill for 3 days of missed leave and hospital costs.

Before this bad movie, Nina was spending quality time with her “best friends celebrating life and friendship”. Six years ago, we came to live in Aruba, separated from each other, for six months. From that moment on, we did not leave each other’s side,” she wrote on her Instagram account just before the incident.

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