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Not a 2012 Roadster, but a 2013 Model S whose warranty expired last month (purchased second hand privately 1.5 years ago).
In fact, all necessary repairs were made in the first 2/3 years of its life (according to the previous owner) and also all are under warranty.

With around 190K on the clock, there are a number of fixes that I’ve made and/or will have to make in the near future:
– Replace the headlights (wear part, replaced in my driveway by Tesla, ~300€ for Xenon bulbs)
– Tires (wear part, can be made at local garage, 4 tires, ~1200 euros.)
– 4 wishbones (wear parts, at Tesla ~1400 euros to replace, local garage costs the same)
– PC eMMC SD Card (Tesla Error, Replaced Under Warranty/Recall)

You see, with the exception of eMMC, there is not a single part that you do not have with another vehicle.

The real problems and expensive repairs are the failure of the computer, the motor and the battery and I find that unreasonable myself, because it does not replace the faulty part but it immediately replaces the entire computer, motor and battery and that’s ~2500, ~7000, ~14,000 as far as I got. With me, these parts are still original and therefore more than 8 years old and still working perfectly.

Of course I’m only one person and maybe I’ve been lucky (so far) but all bugs have long been resolved in older cars and have been well tested over time.

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