January 27, 2023

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Desiree is angry at the forced departure of a love-filled bed and breakfast

Desiree is angry at the forced departure of a love-filled bed and breakfast

distance pickle riot And on the eventful evening that followed, which culminated in a quarrel between Hans and his ex-wife Libra, Hayriye’s suspicions arose. Meanwhile, Desiree is still staying at her B&B in Tuscan Pistoia and doesn’t seem to have any intention of leaving Italy yet. Not even after Hans indicated the day before that he could ‘never ‘fall in love’ with someone like Desiree. “You’re probably already feeling a little bit in the mood,” Hans begins.

No, Hans, Desiree certainly isn’t in the mood. When you absorb the bad news, disbelief begins. “We can talk great and we can’t stop talking. We talk about all kinds of things. We get along great, actually. I don’t quite get it…” She thinks Hans never gave their relationship a chance. “It was decided quickly. Love takes time. It ripens. You’re getting old, it’s not going to be fun, bam, bam.”

As Desiree’s departure approaches, Hans directs his arrows at Hayriye, unaware that she will pack his bags on the same day. The butterflies you want to feel in their stomachs for Hans are not there. Not to mention the fact that she does not want to live with Hans and his ex-wife for the long term.

Hans doesn’t handle rejection very well. “Too bad, I thought you were a strong woman who just doesn’t give up,” he addresses her with a slight scolding. “It has nothing to do with being strong,” Khairiya replies. “No, yes, I don’t know,” answered Hans. However, Hayriye is relieved that she made the decision, leaving Hans alone in his bed and breakfast.

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