Eva Genk is silent, but editor is furious: ‘Martin Koning is upset’

Eva Jinek en Martijn Koning

Eva Jinek does not want to respond to Martijn Koning’s accusation that she was going to share a bed with Thierry Baudet. One of its editors, however, reacted angrily: “He’s crazy!”


Martijn Koning has received a lot of angry reactions to his recent statements about his archenemy Eva Jinek. The comedian mentions that the presenter may be in the spring of 2015 during TV recordings in Sicily I went to bed With Thierry Baudt, Leader of the Forum for Democracy. “That’s what I think and I mean seriously.”

“What a hateful man!”

This has led to a torrent of negative reactions, for example from Esther Voet, editor-in-chief of New Israellietisch Weekblad. “What a wicked little guy, that Martin Koning. Screaming humorless and spiteful with a complete lack of civility. Bah. bah. bah.”

And D66 fame Boris van der Hamm: “Yes and it is a shame the point he made. It is easy to criticize Genk’s behavior. By making such an illogical point, he is in fact putting himself and his points out of order.”

Martin through the dust

Usually, when there is controversy over their statements, celebrities always say they were misquoted or the media blew up the whole thing, but Martijn doesn’t. He runs through the dirt and apologizes.

Martijn: “Dear folks, not my darlings, I did say something in a Knorrepodcast that my friends from Mediacourant picked up on Eva/Therry and I’m going to cut that out ASAP. Remember that Knorrepodcast is a comedy podcast, right 😉 However: apologies!”

bad joke

Weekend Chief Bart Ettichoven thinks it’s a great reaction, he says on Shownieuws. “What he means by that is that it was comedic. But then it was a bad joke, but it didn’t come across to the listeners of this podcast that way, because he said it somewhat seriously.”

Martin made his remarks fatally serious and even very angry. There was no irony or sense of humor. Bart: “Of course we all know they’ve had a big thing since Thierry Bodet got away in a rage. Martin Koning hasn’t been in contact with Eva since then.”

“why is he doing this?”

Photographer William Rutten understands nothing about Martin at all. “Why does he keep coming back to this? Every time he puts that cap over his nose and does it all over again. I can understand he’s angry, but at some point you also have to say it’s a passing stop.”

“Now he yells something every time people get angry. It won’t help you get invited by other broadcasters either. They will think: He is untrustworthy and will make bad jokes about you. I think this will only derail your career.” Eva is unresponsive

Eva does not want to respond

Bart says Eva Genk doesn’t want to respond. “We also asked Eva and her management to respond, but none of them wanted to respond either. Yes, that’s clever, because they think let’s give this guy as little attention as possible.”

One of her editors went wild against Shownieuws. “We also contacted someone at Jinek’s editors to ask, ‘Oh my God, do you think that’s true?’ And they say, “Martin is absolutely crazy.”


The episode of Knorrepodcast in question could be listened to publicly for some time, but was then put behind a paywall. The clip in question has since been removed from the podcast, according to Bart.

Bart: “We just listened to all the podcasts from last month and they’ve already been taken down so can’t listen to this clip anymore of what he has to say about Eva and Terry.”

tweet apologies

Martin’s apology tweet:

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