NFL Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap: Takeaways from Thursday’s game | Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

NFL Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap: Takeaways from Thursday's game |  Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

Los Angeles rams RB Daryl Henderson The vast majority of the shots were played Cam Akers He was the team leader, which indicates that he should have a fantastic start next week.

buffalo bills WR Gabe Davis Score the first touchdown in the game and play every bills shot when attacking except for kneeling down; Therefore, he needs to be prioritized by fantasy managers.

Rookie RB James Cook I only played one take in the first half and faltered in the play, but the directors of the fantasy must be patient.

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buffalo bills @ Los Angeles Rams

Add and start Daryl Henderson: Surprisingly, Henderson started over Cam Akerswho didn’t see the field until the second quarter and didn’t play more than a few shots at a time.

  • Henderson was considered a sleeping Before the season because he was able to be the captain of the rams.
  • gain 47 yards on 13 carts, As well as five catching 28 yards.
  • This was considered poor match For the emergence of running rams. Fortunately, Henderson has better matches ahead and should deliver better numbers.
  • It’s available in more than half of ESPN’s leagues and should not only be selected, but also included in the starting lineups next week.
  • Akers gained 0 yards in three gigs.
  • Akers should not be dropped, as the running condition of the Rams is likely to remain fluid. There is still a good chance Akers will receive double-digit touches in games later in the season.

Gabe Davis Receiver should start: Davis played every offensive shot for the Bills except for kneeling down, making it crystal clear that he was a focal point of the Bills offense.

  • He had four passes for 88 yards and the first touchdown of the game.
  • He has been off the bench in more than 50% of ESPN’s leagues.
  • This was considered Below average The match is for Davis. Fortunately, he has much better confrontations to come later in the season.

cause for concern for Stefon Diggs: The future Bills out-of-game rotates more frequently than any game since joining the Bills out of a blast in the final week of the 2021 regular season.

  • He was taken off the field roughly half of the shots in two wide sets of receivers, as well as a quarter of the shots in groups of three receivers.
  • Jake Comero He was always the player who replaced Diggs on the field.
  • A large number of these plays ran, but they also cost the Diggs a number of tracks.
  • This can be a problem for Fantasy Managers, especially in Clear Bills wins if the Bills rest him early in the game and don’t need him late.
  • He should still start weekly, but the value of his trade has gone down.
  • Rookie from the fifth round Khalil Shaker He was healthy and inactive.

Add but don’t start Isaiah Mackenzie: The Bills receiver started and played a clear majority of his shots from the hole, but was taken out of the field too often to be trusted without much of a match.

  • He got two passes for 19 yards and a touchdown while seeing the majority of shots from the hole.
  • Jamison Crowder He rotated on occasion and was a frequent target of Buffalo. He got three grabs at 28 yards.
  • The Bills almost always passed the ball when McKenzie was on the court but was more poised when Crowder was in the game.
  • There were a few plays with Davis, Mackenzie and Crowder on the field together, with Mackenzie lining up outside or all three receivers playing on the same side.
  • McKenzie is available in over 80% of ESPN consortia.

Add Zach Moss: Devin Singletary It was a clear start to the bills, but Moss saw big time playing and should at least be on the rosters.

  • The bills would roll over time rather than position, as Moss played several consecutive shots before being fed off the field.
  • Moss is more known as a rusher, but he has six passes for 21 yards. It was the second most popular reception in his career.
  • Should see more load in games as the Bills enjoy comfortable progression throughout the match.
  • It is available in over 90% of ESPN consortia.
  • non-veteran James Cook I played one take in the first half and fumbled. Play another shot in the second half.
  • Cook has been drafted enough by the bills that he should remain on fiction lists. He should see more playing time as the season progresses.

Don’t give up on other poor performers: A few players didn’t mention the stats that fantasy coaches would want, but using them was encouraging enough not to give up.

  • Ramez new wide receiver Allen Robinson II He never left the field due to their attack out of three shots in the last three minutes. He only got one pass for 12 yards.
  • Bills that start with a narrow end Dawson Knox Caught one pass for five yards but rarely left the field.
  • He’s stayed in more passes than any other game last season, and is likely to deal with the rams’ passing rush. He should be running more roads in other weeks.

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