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AMD introduced version 2.1 of the FidelityFX Super Resolution upgrade technology. This version should provide fewer visual artifacts such as ghosting and flicker, a better color gamut, and a more stable image.

AMD says it tampered with the FidelityFX Super Resolution algorithm, which means the image quality of games using this upgrade technology should improve even more. According to AMD There will be less with version 2.1 shadows In regular and transparent geometry. The overall color gamut of the technology will be improved and there will also be a more stable image when upgrading. The quality of the upgrade itself was also improved in specific scenarios.

AMD also made bug fixes with version 2.1 and updated the FSR plug-in for the Unreal Engine to allow developers to use this engine to implement improvements right away.

FSR 2.0 is an analogue of Nvidia DLSS. It is an upgrade technology for gaming, whereby frames are displayed at a lower resolution and then enlarged to a higher resolution. This should result in better frame rates without a major loss in quality. This relates to the implementation of the temporal upscaling. This uses information from previous frames to increase the visibility of the current frame. Tweakers Books Background article where run My time Upgrade Techniques From AMD, Intel, and Nvidia have a closer look at it.

beginning of June Digital Foundry Comparison FSR 2.0 with Nvidia DLSS is still in the PC version of God of War. This game supports both technologies. Then DLSS was preferred because fewer graphic artworks were created. ring of death It is the first game to receive support for FSR 2.0; That was in May. At the end of June, 24 games were announced to support or release FSR 2.0. To ensure that as many game developers as possible can apply technology in their games, AMD source code of the technology that was announced.

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