NFL Power Rankings for Week 16: Lots of action

Aaron Rodgers is about to jump on Brett Favre.

Rodgers’ next touchdown pass would break Favre’s tie at 442 and give him the Green Bay Packers’ franchise record. That’s an impressive feat, but the real measure of success this season is whether Rodgers can pass Favre in another key stat – a Super Bowl victory – by capturing a second to match another Packers legend (Bart Star).

The NFC Qualifier Race includes five teams with double-digit wins, but the Packers have the inner track for the #1 seed in NFC and a lone farewell. They just have to beat the Browns, the Vikings and the Lions.

Here are The Post’s strength rankings for Week 16:

1 – Chiefs of Kansas City, 10-4 (1)

See who is the No. 1 seed in the AFC right now. This 3-4 start is a distant memory after a seven-game winning streak. Perhaps the most impressive recent win – including three touchdown runs in the final eight minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime – over the Chargers. Travis Kelsey had 191 yards high.

2 – Green Bay Packers, 11-3 (4)

Rodgers showed no ill effects from his toe injury as the Packers became the first team to clinch their league, winning the NFC North for the third consecutive season. An improved defense has better games, needing an incomplete oblique in a two-point conversion attempt to avoid blowing up a 14-point lead in the final six minutes against Ravens reserve quarterback Tyler Huntley.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers moved up to number two in the Power Rankings this week.
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3. Los Angeles Rams, 9-4 (6)

Could a wide receiver steal some of the MVP’s sounds? Cooper Kupp has massive leads in the field on hunts (122), yard (1,625) and landings (14). Ramez put 29 players in the COVID-19 reserve list for 10 days The Seahawks continued to dominate Three straight wins, five of six and eight out of 10 (including playoffs) in the series.

4 – Arizona Cardinals, 10-4 (2)

With a chance to grab a comma berth and stay in the driver’s seat for one farewell, the Cardinals laid an egg on a blast loss for the NFC lions. The Cardinals were kept goalless in the first half after gaining only 17 yards in their first three combined drives and then stopped at the 3-yard streak in the fourth.

5. Indianapolis Colts, 8-6 (10)

In college football, there is a “Heisman moment” for most tournament winners. Did Jonathan Taylor have a better moment in the NFL? He ran for 170 yards, including a 67-yard touchdown to close the game against a stacked box as the Colts beat the Patriots for the first time since November 2009. The Colts have been 5-1 in their past six games.

6- New England Patriots, 9-5 (3)

One game after winning when they completed only two passes, the Patriots lost a game in which the opponent (Colts) completed five. Weird things. The Patriots kick was blocked for relegation and watched their NFL record streak of 99 consecutive games score first-half points.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 10-4 (5)

The pirates are a team of the top three if they are healthy. But Chris Goodwin will miss this season and Mike Evans and Leonard Fournette are next in a string of players missing through injury, which explains the approach in which Antonio Brown was forgiven by a three-game ban. The Saints became the first opponent to shut down a Brady-led attack since the 2006 Dolphins.

8. Dallas Cowboys, 10-4 (8)

The Cowboys escaped with a C-caliber effort suffering from dropped passes, missed kicks and a bad gift that should have come at a cost against the hapless giants. Micah Parsons’ six-game winning streak ended with a sack, but DeMarcus Lawrence’s return as a force on the streak was a welcome trade-off. Travon Diggs scored his 10th interception in the NFL.

9. Los Angeles Chargers, 8-6 (9)

Principal trainer Brandon Staley considers it an anti-analytic versus conventional thinking tool. Chargers were 2-for-5 in fourth-order transfers in overtime loss for bosses. Two of the three failures were inside the 5-yard line and the other was at goal range, so there are a lot of missed points. But Staley is ahead of the curve because he understands that field goals don’t win the big NFL games.

Nick Bossa fires Matt Ryan
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10. San Francisco 49ers, 8-6 (13)

It’s a must-watch game Thursday between two teams heading in opposite directions: the 49ers (5-1 in the last six games) and the Titans (1-3 in the last four). Nick Bossa will be looking for Kiss for the seventh straight game after taking home the NFL Top 15 of the season in a defeat for the Hawks that included a quick touchdown at 49 by three different players.

11. Tennessee Titans, 9-5 (7)

12. Buffalo Bills, 8-6 (12)

13. Cincinnati Bengals, 8-6 (14)

14 – Baltimore Ravens, 8-6 (11)

15 – Pittsburgh Steelers, 7-6-1 (20)

16 – Miami Dolphins, 7-7 (18)

17. Cleveland Browns, 7-7 (15)

18. Philadelphia Eagles, 7-7 (22)

19. New Orleans Saints, 7-7 (25)

20- Minnesota Vikings, 7-7 (19)

21. Las Vegas Raiders, 7-7 (21)

22. Denver Broncos, 7-7 (16)

23. Washington FC, 6-8 (17)

24. Atlanta Falcons, 6-8 (23)

25. Seattle Seahawks, 5-9 (24).

26. New York Giants, 4-10 (26).

Fans should have new appreciation for sacked coordinator Jason Jarrett and injured quarterback Daniel Jones. On 30 litter time properties over the last three games, Freddie Kitchens-Mike Glennon’s group has produced one touchdown. The last time Giants receivers scored a touchdown was on October 25. They lost their ninth game in a row against the Cowboys, Dak Prescott.

New York Giants Jake Frome #17 during the second half
Jake Fromm
Robert Sabo

27- Carolina Panthers 5-9 (27).

27. Chicago Bears, 4-10 (28)

29- New York Jets, 3-11 (29).

There were some offensive highlights – Zach Wilson improvised on the run and a hook and ladder link between two receivers – clearing the low bar set over the past few seasons. But planes can’t stop the escape. The Dolphins ran for 184 yards, more than double their average low. Next week’s match against the Jaguars is huge for a draft position.

30. Detroit Lions 2-11-1 (32)

31- Houston Texans, 3-11 (30)

32- Jacksonville Jaguars 2-12 (31)

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