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The Vivaldi Browser will be integrated into Android Automotive OS on the dashboards of the Swedish electric car Polestar 2. It is a complete web browser that allows users to browse as they would on a mobile phone, the two brands wrote.

Vivaldi web browser comes as a browser in Android Automotive OS and According to Vivaldi The first fully featured browser available in cars. The browser will be available as an app in the Polestar 2’s 11-inch center display and will work like a mobile browser. The browser features a built-in ad blocker, translation toolRecording function, tracking protection and encrypted browser sync.

The browser can only be used when the car is parked, although the content is streamed Sound only Continue playing when the driver starts driving. This means that videos can also be played while driving, but without pictures. Vivaldi indicates that the files could not be downloaded. All content can be played via the browser which can also be played on another device in the browser. This is how YouTube and websites work and video calls can also be made via, for example, Zoom or Whereby, Vivaldi explains.

The company also says that no data about browser traffic is stored by the car. If the user logs in with their Vivaldi account, the data can be shared between the two logged in devices, but the data will not be shared with Polestar.

The browser is available immediately on Polestar 2, in Europe as well as in the United States and Asia. The browser will receive regular updates, when other platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, will also get updates. So I’m sitting in the car now Vivaldi 5.0.0 Update. Vivaldi explains in a blog post The browser was the most requested feature from Polestar users. The Swedish company contacted Vivaldi with this question at the beginning of 2021. By default, there is no browser available in Android Automotive OS.

Vivaldi en Android Automotive

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