New Year’s Eve live report on TV: the corners of the eyes are wet again

New Year's Eve live report on TV: the corners of the eyes are wet again
Alex Mazereuw

It’s 8:02 p.m.: in a TV Presenter of the Year Can we test our 2021 “TV knowledge”. The frenzied Tijl Beckand (unfortunately no Ruben Nicolai) is the provider. Luke Ekink is present in the films and in-depth interviews. The first part is about two long term loveParticipants who redefined the word “tongue wrestling”. Tajal asks the candidates what happened after this fragment. This will be a wonderful evening.

20:14: commercial break. Sea otter gives birth at NPO2. It’s time for Olibol.

20:22: Refer to the TV Presenter of the Year. John de Bevere performs. Tijl interviews a lookalike of Jamai, who actually turns out to be a security guard. Laugh of course.

20:32: a Belgian joke for Tegel. Just pee.

20:34: Switch to NPO1. Matthew continues! Renamed Matisse Encore! (‘appearance to songs! I Matthew continues!‘). Presentation in the hands of the adorable couple in 2021: Matisse van Neukirk and Rob Kempes. The studio has been converted into a special French bistro for the occasion, where Matthijs and Rob deal with demands arising from their success programme. celebrate b songs! instead of songs. Really warm.

20:46: Jeroen Krabi has been announced as Dutchman Gerard Depardieu and sings chanson. On other channels mainly ads.

21:14: Mattis and Rob again call a blind spot in their show. This has to be the funniest TV show opening meeting ever.

21:23: Time was running out, but an episode of Matthew continues! Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Andre Van Doyen and Charles Aznavour. Andre sings his own translation of yesterday again. The corners of my eyes are still wet.

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21:31: At the very least, enthusiastic Bart Peters sings with the choir of the Dutch National Opera Connemara lakes. The rest of the studio applauds warily.

21:33: Bart Peters now jumps across the studio like Snollebollekes. Excellent for the hamstrings to make it. The studio is now clapping his hands. Until then, see you next year.

21:40: wait for masked singer. Just ABBA Sing-A-Long With Kees Tolle and Romy Montero on NPO3. The weather is really good now.

21:55: a singing clock, a singing olipole, a singing fireworks, in other words: it’s time for a New Year’s Eve edition of masked singer! Fortunately, after all, Robin Nikolai.

22:25: zapping advertising. Veronica seems to capture the mood of the evening aptly, respectively American Psycho in a death wish for broadcast.

23:30: Jack van Gelder appears to be dressed in a pyrotechnic suit, with plumage so large that jury member Gerard Euling looks at him somewhat jealously.

23:55: Tomorrow the unveiling of the singing olipole, the singing snowman and the singing bell. Wait another day. Nail-biting.

23:57: the impossible choice between national fireworks With Davina Michelle and National countdown moment At NPO1, with excitement always peaking for the top 2000. Jill Beilin announces Bohemian Rhapsody in a. Still, peek again.

12 o’clockAt NPO3, Janice, Danny de Monk and Jeroen van der Bom wish a Happy New Year. Yan Smit and Romy Montero sing a happy New Year.

00:14: Heartburn of champagne. turn on the TV; concert of the year a look. Performed by Rob Kempes (Snollebollekes). Repeat on NPO1 Mattis continues With Rob Kemps. RTL5 presents a recording of a concert for Snollebollekes (also known as Rob Kemps in Everyday Life). Let’s see what SBS6 contains. Uh, Snollebollekes in prom. Only again from left to right.

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01:49: register Amstel Live Friends on SBS6. Not Rob Kemps. Big disappointment.

01:52: zap again. We haven’t gone to RTL7 yet. The transmitter appears to have been unpacked with a recording of Snollebollekes live in concert. Rob Kemps, at last!

02:58: dream of being beaten in a marquee. What a wonderful evening.

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