Immediately two stars arrived home at Expedition Robinson

Immediately two stars arrived home at Expedition Robinson

Note: This article contains spoilers about the first episode of Expedition Robinson: All-Stars.

During the first test, it is immediately apparent that a file Hard working He is. The participants begin the adventure after being tied to a tree on the Zanzibar beach with a puzzle in front of them. If they can solve the puzzle, a key will be released with which they can free themselves. Once released, they should grab a yellow or orange bandana as quickly as possible. The stakes are high as the first two candidates win immunity. This can make a big difference later.

The two candidates who finished last will return home on the same day. An ad that panics many All Stars. Loose candidates get a chance to help each other, ensuring that teams and associations are formed instantly.

For Gregory Seduce and Kay Nambiar, the adventure ends before it begins. They do not know how to free themselves. “I didn’t succeed,” former winner Kai shared his frustration afterwards. “There is still a puzzle where I have to complete. This is very unrealistic, I have not even started with my idea yet. It is worthless. I start this test with the idea: Now you will begin. But the beginning is the end. This is something I deeply regret.”

“I wanted to scream, I just went completely crazy in my head. It’s not over yet. I haven’t started yet,” Gregory also looks back after the match. “I would have loved her so much, I was so prepared.”

Originally, the new season, presented by Art Rooijakkers and Geraldine Kemper, will be shown exclusively in Videoland. due to loss Holland sound Friday night, ho Expedition Robinson: All Stars It can now be seen every Thursday evening at 8.30pm on RTL 4. Or see (already ahead) on Videoland.

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