Taylor Swift has been named the ‘biggest known polluter’ for use in private jets

Taylor Swift has been named the 'biggest known polluter' for use in private jets

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Taylor Swift has become the center of climate riots. The American singer has released the largest amount of carbon dioxide from a whole series of celebrities on her private plane so far this year, according to a recent British marketing firm’s account.

Between January and July, the singer’s plane took off 170 times, which equates to 15.9 full days of flying. Thus, the device’s emissions amounted to about 8000 tons of carbon dioxide, which is more than a thousand times the emissions of the average citizen annually.

On average, the pack stayed on the road about 80 minutes. Artist spokespersons contradict the accounts in the music sheet rolling rock. According to them, Swift loans the aircraft regularly and is therefore not personally responsible for all 170 flight movements and associated emissions.

Marketing firm Yard prepared its report after a social media outcry over influencer Kylie Jenner’s emissions. It was recently revealed that the Kardashian scion used her private jet for a fun 12-minute flight. It was a flight between Camarillo and Van Nuys airports in California. By car the journey could have taken about 40 minutes.

Many online have questioned the point of living more sustainably as individuals, when celebrities throw off tons of emissions with their planes. So Jenner was graded”criminal climate“.

By the way, Jenner didn’t make the top ten on Yard’s list. Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s emissions were good for second, and hip-hop artist Jay-Z finished with his jet in third.

For the report, Yared took a look at data from the Celebrity Jets automated Twitter account. This tracks the private jet flight movements of all kinds of celebrities. To calculate the average emissions, the company used data from the UK Department of Transport.

Swift got started in country music at a young age. Her career took off when she released a pop album in 2014 1989 Chest, with blows like get rid of And the Empty space.

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