New Pokémon are already (sort of) in Pokémon Day by Day Community

New Pokémon are already (sort of) in Pokémon Day by Day Community

Today is the classic Community Day with Dratini in Pokémon GO, but that’s not what most people are looking forward to. With the first versions of the event ready, we know that an unreleased Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet will appear next. The following happens:

  • When the classic community day is over, some Pokéstops will turn yellow/golden
  • When you spin this, you get a conversation with Professor Willow and Jack and then a pokemon appears
  • You get a coin called ???? Coins and pokemon will chase you
  • You can’t catch him!
  • Now when you spin some Pokéstops, you suddenly get a lot of extra items

If more is known, we will of course share this during the day! Plus more news about Community Day itself!

We are very curious about what it leads to. By the way, it’s the Pokemon that was yesterday already Have been found.

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