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Ghostwire: Tokyo may be coming to Xbox Series X and S, while the game is in the form of exclusive console It was released for the Sony PlayStation 5. This is evident from the decoration of the Bethesda office in London.

Twitterer Klobrille . reported That in Bethesda Softworks’ London office, there was a mural from Ghostwire: Tokyo with information about it. The image appeared on .’s website A British company that designs work environments. The artwork on the wall mentions that Ghostwire: Tokyo can be played on Xbox Series X, S, PS5, and PC, but in practice, only the latter two are true at the moment. The image is no longer available on the site.

Officially, the game hasn’t been announced for Xbox consoles yet, but because Microsoft acquired Bethesda over a year and a half agoIsn’t it a complete surprise that the PS5 game is yet to be Exclusive timingThe term for this platform will also appear on Xbox consoles. The previously PS5 exclusive Deathloop only appeared on Xbox Series X and S. That was about a year after it was released on the PlayStation console. If Ghostwire: Tokyo also applies a twelve-month period after release, then the game should be available around the end of March 2023 for Xbox Series X and S.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a first-person action game set in a world where the player has to fight the ghosts and ghouls that have taken over the streets of Tokyo. Even the player is also possessed by a ghost, which gives him supernatural powers. Tweakers contains a file Made a game review.

Photo: via @klobrille

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