New Delhi is taking heavy measures due to massive air pollution

New Delhi is taking heavy measures due to massive air pollution

Far-reaching measures have been taken in New Delhi to combat severe air pollution. This has always been a problem, but it has now reached the point where six of the 11 coal-fired power plants in the vicinity of the Indian capital have closed, along with a lot of construction. The carriage of non-essential goods is also no longer permitted.

Schools and higher education institutions were already closed this week, but that has been extended indefinitely. Pupils and students are receiving education online again, just as in the lockdown due to Corona. Half of government employees will have to work from home this week, and companies have also been urgently advised to allow half of their employees to work from home. Old petrol and diesel cars are temporarily no longer allowed on the street.

Traffic, garbage, fireworks

New Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world and experiences thick smog every year at the onset of winter. This is caused by emissions from coal-fired power plants in and around the capital, exhaust gases and the widespread open burning of waste.

What also doesn’t help is Diwali, one of the most important Hindu festivals, which is celebrated in October or November. The celebration is accompanied by the release of large quantities of fireworks for days, despite the ban imposed on them.

Children cannot go to school and hospitals are busy now:

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