June 10, 2023

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Inquisitive Danish amateurs are unearthing Viking treasures dating back more than a millennium

Inquisitive Danish amateurs are unearthing Viking treasures dating back more than a millennium

A number of Viking treasure coins were found in the meadow in northern Denmark

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Two rare Viking treasures have been discovered in Denmark from the time of the famous Viking King Harald Blautand. North Jutland Museum wrote in a statement that the hoards consist of around 300 pieces of silver and are more than 1,000 years old. press release.

The first hint of the treasure came last fall, when about 70 people walked with metal detectors through a plowed meadow near the ruins of a Viking castle in Firkat, in northern Denmark.

There, a number of investigators found a piece of silver and a fragment of a piece of jewellery, which appear to date from the same time. They soon realized they had found something special, one of the discoverers, Jane Voged Munster, told Danish Radio. TV 2. They then called in archaeologists from the North Jutland Museum, after which the two treasures were excavated.

They were about fifty meters apart in the same meadow. They may have been buried next to each other, but they were separated from each other by the heavy plowing of the fields.

An important period in the Viking Age

Lars Christian Norbach, director of the North Jutland Museum, described the find as “extremely rare”. The Danish coins found in particular are private coins; hit a cross on it. This had to do with Harald Blauwtand’s conversion to Christianity as the first Viking king.

These alleged coins – which may have been minted around 980 – were in circulation for a relatively short time, because Blauwtand was soon deposed after a revolt by his son Sven Forkbeard.

One of the so-called cross coins of King Harald Blautand
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