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Netflix will double the number of mobile games that can be downloaded via the streaming service by 2022. There are currently 24 games available for free to Netflix subscribers, and there should be 50.

Thus, the streaming giant is investing more in exclusive mobile games but According to CNBC Adding to the subscription doesn’t seem to be very successful yet. Statistics from market researcher Apptopia show that around 1.7 million subscribers play Netflix games daily, which is roughly 0.8 percent of the company’s total subscribers. In total, Netflix games are said to have been downloaded more than 23 million times.

Incidentally, this is not unexpected for Netflix; When presenting the quarterly numbers for the last quarter of last year, the company stated that it is targeting the long term. The intent is to “create products connected to the universe, characters, and stories we do [op de streamingdienst] To make or to invent. The company does this with games based on popular series, among other things. For example, there are already Matches announced about La Casa de Papel and The Queen’s Gambit.

Netflix Shows Running mobile games since the end of 2021 As part of a paid subscription to the streaming service. Users can access Netflix’s catalog of games, which consists of licensed games and games created specifically for the service. The company invests heavily in this category of entertainment. At the beginning of this year for example, $65 million for a Finnish game studio Countdown. Netflix’s logic is that it’s not the other streaming services, but other forms of entertainment that are the main competitors.

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