Netflix raises prices again in US: A precursor to the Netherlands?

Netflix raises prices again in US: A precursor to the Netherlands?

Netflix raises prices in US and Canada In those countries, subscribers pay as much as $ 1 to $ 2 per month per subscription.

The price hikes were announced by Reuters based on a Netflix report, and now prices are as follows:

Basic: $ 8.99 per month (was 7.99).
Default: $ 15.49 per month (from 13.99).
Premium: $ 19.99 per month (was 17.99).

These are very significant price increases and probably indicate what we expect in the Netherlands (although prices here have recently increased, they are also expected to rise at some point). In the Netherlands you are currently paying:

Basic: 7.99 euros per month.
Default: 11.99 euros per month.
Premium: 15.99 euros per month.

More competition
Netflix explains in a statement that the reason for the price increase “Our commitment to providing an even better experience for our subscribers.” Prices have been raised so that the company can continue to pay for its rising costs for original products. Last year, Netflix spent $ 17 billion on its own content. We do not know how much this year will be, but it may be too much.

At the same time, Netflix feels the hot breath of competition. For example, Disney + attracts more subscribers and HBO Max has a smart offer ($ 4.99 per month for life, as long as you always keep your subscription). Then there is competition from Prime Video and Paramount +.

In a nutshell: Netflix has no choice but to raise prices to sustain itself in this fierce competition.

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