Intel invests $20 billion in a new chip factory in Ohio

Intel’s next US chip factory may be located in Ohio. American media reported it. Intel previously stated that it has plans for a new chip factory in the United States, in addition to the two Fab plants currently being built in Arizona. in a Oregon Live It claims that Intel’s new manufacturing facility will be built in New Albany, a town near Columbus, the capital of Ohio. Fulgens Columbus Dispatch An area of ​​3,190 acres will be cleared for the site which amounts to 1,291 acres. Intel previously stated that it wants a location in the United States where it can set up multiple factories in the long run.

According to US media, the company will initially invest $20 billion in the new production site, but additional financial details are unknown. In addition, 3,000 employees are expected to work. It is likely that these investments will be expanded in due course. Intel previously mentioned In the long run, it wants to invest $60 to $120 billion in a new, undisclosed US production site that will create 10,000 direct jobs in the future. Intel has not yet confirmed that this location will be in Ohio, but the company is expected to make an official announcement soon, according to US media.

Intel has been talking about the arrival of a new chip production site in the US for some time. The company previously said it wanted a “small town” with multiple factories. The company talked about six to eight “Fab units”, which should focus, for example, on the production of chips on “high-end” nodes, but also Packaging of chips with Technologies such as EMIB and Foveros.

In addition to the alleged Ohio site, Intel has already begun construction last year Two new chip factories In the US state of Arizona. These factories must, among other things, produce chips on the Intel 20A node. Part of the production capacity will also be reserved for external customers; Intel Corporation Referred to in March It will also produce chips for other companies.

Also outside the US, Intel plans to expand; Among other things, the company wants to establish a large production site in the European Union. The company will announce its location in 2021, but it hasn’t done so yet. according to Anonymous sources from Bloomberg Intel wants to build a chip factory in Germany, set up a research and design division in France, and build a testing and assembly division in Italy, although this has yet to be confirmed.

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