Ukraine accuses a Belarusian group of blocking websites

Ukraine accuses a Belarusian group of blocking websites

Ukraine says the hacking of Ukrainian government websites yesterday was the work of a Belarusian computer spying group. He would have used malware similar to that of a Russian hacker group.

Websites of, among others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Security and Defense Council Yesterday’s goal for a digital attack. Those who visited the sites in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish were told: “Fear the worst.”

Ukrainian officials pointed the finger at Russia yesterday. That country dismissed the accusation as “baseless”.


According to Sirchi Demidjok of the Security and Defense Council, the hack was the work of UNC1151. This would be a Belarusian group that was previously active in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland as well as Ukraine. “The malware they use is very similar to the malware used by ATP-29. This group specializes in digital espionage for foreign intelligence.”

Ukraine believes that it will not stop there. “The damage to the sites was just a distraction from the more destructive behind-the-scenes actions we’ll see soon,” Demidjok said.

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