NASA stops testing the Space Launch System for the third time – IT Pro – News

Why should this missile be used?

To spread the American space program to as many places in the United States as possible. Because if something spreads across the United States, it automatically spreads to countless constituencies, so that countless politicians can abuse it for their own benefit.

Why would you build somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska (hundreds of miles from the nearest point; thousands of miles from the nearest launch site) for $2 million for a component that you could also build for $1 million in Cape Canaveral itself? Because in Nebraska, a senator or representative can do a lot of good in creating ten jobs, earning him votes. Who pays for these jobs? No idea, some government or something. But what does this politician care about throwing money at the crossbar; After all it is not so To be Capital.

What makes this whole story really funny is that half of Americans have no idea what “communism” really means, let alone the difference between communism and socialism. All they know is that they both swear. And they have no idea that half of their space program, the national pride of the country, completely violates the sacred principle of market forces and operates on government subsidies …

No seriously, NASA would like to get rid of the SLS because it is a complete waste of money. But NASA is not responsible for the space program, that’s the policy. So when Congress tells them to build the SLS, they have exactly one choice: to sit back and shovel endless amounts of money.

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