A group of scientists said that Tyrannosaurus Rex had lips

A group of scientists said that Tyrannosaurus Rex had lips
A T. rex skeleton in a museum in Berlin

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A new study shows that Tyrannosaurus rex likely had lips. This was also the case with other large dinosaurs belonging to the group known as theropods. As a result, the animals’ teeth may not have been visible when their mouths were closed, Canadian scientists wrote in an article Sciences.

It was believed that the teeth of carnivorous dinosaurs were always visible, just like crocodiles. This is how animals are also depicted, for example, Jurassic ParkMovie series.

However, according to the researchers, the animal’s tooth enamel indicates that T. rex had lips. To keep your enamel well, it’s important that it’s protected and that it’s hydrated, as they say. Otherwise, cracks may appear in the teeth.

Less protection

They compare T. rex’s teeth to those of iguanas and Komodo dragons, which also have lips. They say these teeth have more in common than the teeth of T. rex and alligators.

Crocodile teeth need less protection because the animals spend a lot of time in the water. Despite this, the lipless teeth of these animals are more fissured than those of T. rex.

According to the researchers, the teeth of a tyrannosaurus with its mouth wide open would also be less visible than previously thought. Only small dots will likely be visible.

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