Narcos drops cocaine on a plane in La Moskitia

Puerto Lambreau, Honduras.

Five bales containing 130kg of cocaine were dumped inside a plane by drug traffickers when they were shot dead by soldiers flying upwards in a helicopter.

The plane from Venezuela was dropped inside Bruce Laguna in La Mosquito About 600 kg of cocaine was exported, most of which was smuggled by drug traffickers.

According to information from Honduras Armed ForcesThrough air and ground shields, they identified the suspicious aircraft that had entered Honduran space.

After the warning, they carried out the operation with the Pac Garcia Joint Working Group and found the place where he had landed, but was shot down by a military helicopter upon arrival. The criminals were forced to leave the plane.

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In addition to the plane and five bales of cocaine, the military found drums to refuel in the landing zone.

According to anti-drug agents, The plane landed in Bruce Laguna With about 600 kg of cocaine, most of them were unloaded and transported in various vehicles.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez He cited anti-drug activity on his social media networks and assured that his government would continue to “make life impossible” for drug traffickers.

“Powerful air shield intercepts another Narco plane that wanted to enter Press Laguna, thank God! Previously, drug planes landed like flies in Honduras; Today we are an area hostile to drug trafficking and will continue to make life impossible for them, ”Hernandez said on Twitter. He added that the authorities had confiscated more than this 11,000 kg of cocaine so far in 2021.

A group of fleeing drug traffickers intend to smuggle drugs from Venezuela to Guatemala across the border into Copenhagen to a Mexican cartel.

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