March 31, 2023

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Jean-Alain’s mainstay takes him to court

The prison system’s humanization program is one of the highlights of former Republican Attorney General Jean – Alain Rodriguez’s four years.

However, it was this that led him to the New City Palace Detention Center with his accomplices for their involvement in the Medusa corruption network.

This Thursday, Judge Kenya Romero of the National District Permanent Attention Court will hear a request for a restraining order against him and other defendants at 9:00 p.m.

The project is divided into two main axes: one focuses on resolving the overcrowding and historical congestion of Dominican prisons, while the other axis focuses on treatment aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating inmates into society, although the two are closely linked.

However, the plan, which was developed by the Ministry of Public Works over the past four years under former President Danilo Medina (2016-2020), has led to irregularities in procurement processes, resulting in “fraud” and “economic bleeding in the treasury”. According to the Office of the Special Advocate for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) and the Directorate of Persecution, headed by Wilson Camacho and Yeni Bernice Rhinoso.

The 294-page file reads, “This is a criminal act, with up to 800% of the prison system being overdone, in some cases about $ 10 billion invested, and most of those resources invested or diverted without restraint.”

Damages to the state
He added that the opening ceremonies were held to get the furniture, equipment and tools unfinished, and that, like Los Paras’ Lot 4, its supplies had “caused significant damage to the state because it was an insurmountable construction defect”.

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During a meeting, then-lawyer Alain Rodriguez briefed members of the National Prison Board on the progress of the project, saying it was designed to change the reality of Dominican prisons and provide decent and humane treatment to those who had lost their freedom. End crowd congestion, bad conditions and inhumane treatment, as established by the Constitution.

“Rehabilitation and reintegration cannot be talked about in situations like this. How can a person be encouraged to regain his or her dignity and dignity while incarcerated? Board members explained to the lawyer.

What he said to the foreign media
The subject of the prison system’s humanitarian program was addressed in an interview with efe in Mexico by a former lawyer, demonstrating that the funds received from the Odebrecht case were dedicated to their true compliance with the law, but also the need for greater respect for human rights and reintegration into society.

Rodriguez said he had succeeded in paying $ 184 million to the country, where he also addressed the issue with the Mexican prison model so that the money recovered from Latin America’s biggest corruption case could be invested in his country.

Rafael Antonio Mercedes Martே, then Accounting Officer in the Attorney General’s Office, points out that Pepco is “responsible for counting and collecting money and selecting companies directly.” .

Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto, along with Johannon Launders’ Medina Reyes, who was in charge of the procurement division, had a reference to the “septic tanks” of the “humanization of prisons” project, while Amelia Escano said the “benefits of procurement and hiring” of medical equipment.

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All of this is said to have been decided by the accused Rafael Stefano Cane Sacco, and prosecutors say Jenny Marte Pena, in charge of the prison system’s humanization program, would have benefited from the construction.

Joel Rodriguez Impert and Rafael Antonio Mercedes Marte are said to have benefited from the purchase of uniforms that were part of the humanization program, and Alexander Solano Augusto is said to have benefited from the installation of the beds.


Those involved.
In this corruption case, the accused are Miguel Jose Moya, who was an adviser to Attorney General Jean-Alain Rodriguez in the Attorney General’s Office, and Director of Information and Communication Technology (DTIC) Javier Alejandro Fortesa Ibra; Altacresia Gillan Calzado, who was deputy director of managing and finance.

What a defendant
A person who puts an end to this affair, until there is no judicial decision, regardless of the state of the proceedings against him, is duly charged with committing a crime. The person being investigated for a commission that is allegedly a criminal is a defendant. Lorem omnim end param latour ripparo ditaspere veritum weaversbit uttadumk uttier lorem ipsum ampls. Lorem omnim and barum latour rippro ditaspere vertum weaversbit uttadumk utier lorem ipsum amples lorem ipsum ample caster.