They blame David Castillo for the murder of Honduran Bertha Cicero

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Chamber I of the Penal Court, voting unanimously, announced this morning Guilty a Roberto David Castillo Magia As co-author of the murder of a famous environmental activist Bertha Cosserus, Recorded fact On March 2, 2016 La Esperanza, in Indibo.

“Roberto David Castillo is currently involved in the murder of Berta Isabel Cossares as an associate teacher in a murder case,” a judge said while reading a sentence at the oral and public hearing.

After reading the verdict, the judiciary said it would hold an inquiry into the customization of the sentence on August 3 this year.

In response to the sentence, Yuri Mora, A spokesman for the public ministry said, “The case is not closed and prosecutors will continue to work to find out if there are any intelligent authors who now have to wait for the trial of the customization of the sentence, which is between 25 and 30 years in prison.”

The Court of Appeals held that the extraction and stinging of information on the cell phones of the accused and others involved was sufficiently explicit, and that the ancestral part of the Desca, Lenka tribe of the Qualcor River was part of a plan to ensure that Castillo ordered the death of Majesty Caesar.

The resolution was “the sand grain of justice for my mother’s murder,” he said. Laura Janica, After hearing the judgment of the court. “Today we are happy that the people of Honduran have suffered so much punishment and death,” he added.

He acknowledged that the verdict was “a victory for the people of the world, for the community and for human rights.” Bertha Junica, One of the daughters of an environmental activist, at a press conference after hearing the verdict.

At the time of the alleged mastermind of the murder, Castillo was captured on March 2, 2018. According to the prosecution, of the five convicted, a former soldier and two national executives hired the killers who killed the environmental activist.

Bertha Cosserus She was killed while she was sleeping at home Department of Indigo in La Esperanza, West Honduras. At that time, two men broke down the front door of her house, one of whom fired six shots, killing her and injuring her guest, Mexican environmental activist Gustavo Castro.

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Relatives of the environmental activist, who was the coordinator of the Civic Council (COPIN) of Honduras’ most popular and indigenous organizations, argue that Berta was killed for protesting against a hydroelectric project run by Tesorolos Energeticos (DESA).

Castillo “participated in the planning, coordination, confirmation and verification of Berta Caesar’s assassination,” the C குழுceres family’s prosecution said in a recent statement, so he had no doubt the verdict was guilty.

One of the judges of the Penal Court, under the protection of Roberto David Castillo, “had intelligent meetings with a human rights organization that supported the accused, and the judiciary did not issue a statement on the matter.”

“In the last few hours, we have learned that one of the judges who will make up the Penal Court is the wife of a military man, a comrade in arms with the now-accused Castillo, a second lieutenant.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Bertha Cicero’s perpetrators are being prosecuted, tried and punished for violating the structural penalties for the bloodshed in Honduran society.

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In December 2019, a Honduran court sentenced him Edilson Duarte, Henry Javier Hernandez, Elvin Repolo and Oscar Torres Cெceres was sentenced to 34 years in prison for murder and 16 others charged with attempted murder of Mexican Gustavo Castro. Three more were sentenced to 30 years in prison as co-offenders.

All three were sentenced to 30 years in prison as co-offenders of the crime Douglas Pustillo, Mariano Diaz Chavez and Sergio Rodriguez, The last executive of Desarollo Energetico (Desa), has always denied allegations against his staff of the murder of Cicero, who was sleeping at home when he was attacked.

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All of the convicts were captured by the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (Attic) between May 2016 and February 2017 in Operation Jaguar Framework. A Honduran panel was formed with the support of two US advisers to investigate the murder, which, as they stand, was a high-profile case in the eyes of the world.

The family and environmental groups of the environmental activist argued that the people who ordered the killing should never face justice for the environmental activist’s crime.


In 2015, Koshers won the Goldman Environmental Award for Community Environment Leaders. Meanwhile, Desa received a concession in 2009 to build the Aqua Sarka Hydroelectric Dam in western Honduras.

The Lenka community, which was to be consulted by law, opposed the project from the outset, on the grounds that the hydropower plant would endanger the water resources and way of life of the community, a struggle waged by the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations founded by the Honduran people (Cobin).

At the time of the assassination, Kosares was under precautionary measures by the U.S. Commission on Human Rights (IACR) amid repeated threats of intimidation.

At the time, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) stressed the importance of sentencing to clarify the facts surrounding the murder of Bertha Cicero.

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