Must Read: Burning Money

Must Read: Burning Money

The smoke now rising is historically high. Plus; This is another bear market, the market does not know and retirement fanatics.

25 shares meet
Michael Hughes on the special features of the GuardCap Global Fund. “As a starting point, the economic cycle plays a much smaller role in the fund’s performance than most other strategies.” Client Portfolio Manager will be one of the speakers this Thursday during a special webinar from Alpha Research and IEXprofessors.

The role of inflation has changed
Wealth Manager Ben Carlson takes a look at the history of inflation and the role inflation has played in the stock market over the past century and a half. He cannot remove the ambiguity.

active vs passive
Returns for the IEX Fund 40 (actively managed mutual funds) and the IEX 20+ index (ETFs).

The market does not know

What are they doing now?

What’s wrong with that?

Another bear market
This bear market is very different from the Corona pullback. These are the differences

burning money
The power that rises now in smoke historically high

It does not work

The guard: retirement for the injured

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