Women USA finally got their first win

Women USA finally got their first win

They had to wait, but it was. The United States women recorded their first win in the twelfth game of this Pro League season. In the second clash at Rotterdam, China lost 2-1. Five matches later the Belgian women were defeated again, with Raul Ehren’s team losing 2-1 against England.

Alexandra Hummel’s goal from a penalty corner two minutes into the third quarter completely robbed the United States of the Pro League’s final match against China on Sunday. Alison Annan’s creation had already taken the lead after six minutes. The previous day’s victory (3-2) went to the Chinese team.

This is Annan’s second victory in China’s Nations Cup. Tomorrow (Tuesday, edition) and Wednesday, the Chinese will meet the Orange Women in Rotterdam, followed by a double clash with Germany in Den Bosch next weekend.

Champion Argentina beat India 3-2 in their Pro League campaign on Sunday, earning a bonus point the day before after winning the shoot-out series. This is the third defeat in the shoot-outs for the South Americans, after the previous two defeats against the Orange Women. Augustina Corselani scored four of Argentina’s six goals against India. In sixteen games, the Corner Specialist scored twelve times, making him one of the top scorers.

Argentina Women’s Champion of the Pro League 2021-2022. Photo: FIH


The Belgian women retaliated 4-1, beating England 2-1 on Sunday. In that first meeting, the Red Panthers still held the lead, but after the break England converted defeat with goals from Tessa Howard and Grace Paulston.

This marks the first defeat for the Belgians after four wins and a draw. One day later, Justin Rasir and Stephanie Vandon Bore scored two goals each to make it 4-1. The Belgian women will close the Pro League season this weekend with a dip against the United States.

Belgium won the second match against England (5-0). Failed in the shootout in the first game. The Red Lions had to do without Arthur van Doren and Luig Loubert, who were injured in London. The Olympic and world champion finished second behind the Netherlands in winning the Pro League season.

Gautier Bogart (Belgium) clashed with Sam Ward (England) during the Pro League in London. Photo: Worldsportpics / Frank Uijlenbroek


China – USA 3-2
21. Hong Li 1-0
22. Meng Yuang 2-0
50. Meng Yuang 3-0
51. Leah Cruz 3-1 (SC)
57. Megan Rodgers 3-2

India * – Argentina 3-3
4. Lalremsiami 1-0
22. Augustina Corcelani 1-1 (sc)
37. Augustina Corcelani 1-2 (sb)
37. Gurjit Kaur 2-2 (sc)
45. Augustina Corcelani 2-3 (sc)
51. Gurjit Kaur 3-3 (sc)

* India win after shootouts (2-1)

Belgium 2-1 against England
6. Michelle Strooke 0-1
42. Tessa Howard 1-1
51. Grace Paulston 2-1 (SC)

China – USA 1-2
6. Ying Zhang 1-0 (SC)
14. Ashley Hoffman 1-1 (sb)
32. Alexandra Hemel 1-2 (sc)

Belgium 1-4 against England
12. Stephanie Wandon Bore 0-1
28. Justin Rasir 0-2
33. Stephanie Vandon Bore 0-3 (sc)
41. Tessa Howard 1-3
55. Justin Rasir 1-4

India – Argentina 2-3
23. Salima Ted 1-0
38. Delphina Thom 1-1
41. Eugenia Trincinetti 1-2 (sc)
43. Augustina Corcelani 1-3 (sc)
48. Deep Grace Eka 2-3 (sc)

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England * – Belgium 2-2
22. Will Colnon 1-0
31. Will Colnon 2-0
31. Arthur the Slower 2-1
60. Alexander Hendrix 2-2 (sc)

England win after shootout (3-0)

England – Belgium 0-5
9. Nicholas de Gerbel 0-1 (sc)
40. Arthur the Slower 0-2 (sc)
57. Alexander Hendrix 0-3 (sc)
59. Alexander Hendricks 0-4 (sc)
59. Nicholas de Gerbel 0-5

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