Royal family does not share findings on bullying by Meghan Markle | Currently

Royal family does not share findings on bullying by Meghan Markle |  Currently

The British royal family’s investigation into Meghan Markle’s alleged bullying behavior has ended, according to reports Sunday times† But results are not shared with the public. Sources reported that changes have been made to the minors’ human resources policy.

It was possible to agree in advance that the results of the investigation would not be shared publicly for the benefit of all who participated in it. The British royal family does not intend to release a statement about the completed investigation, nor to confirm that changes have been made to the palace’s human resources department.

according to times Not everyone involved would have been informed of the outcome of the investigation. It may not have been revealed if Prince Harry Markle’s wife is actually guilty of bullying.

Markle has been accused of bullying by two employees of the British royal family. The story surfaced in March 2021 and the royal family contracted an outside law firm to investigate the matter.

Jason Knauf, who worked for Markle and her husband Prince Harry, filed a complaint in 2018. He described the former actress’s behavior at the time as “completely unacceptable”. The Duchess of Sussex denied the allegations.

Markle’s alleged bullying has cooled the relationship between her husband and brother, Prince William. So the latter wanted the couple to leave the joint royal establishment with him and his wife in 2019. A few months later, Harry and his wife announced that they were stepping back from the British royal family. Then they left for the United States, where they still live with their families.

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